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It’s your old pal Kit (Christof) Fennessy here, just returned from a month long tour of the Alps. I hope (plan) to give each city we visited a review, and pass on any eating tips or associated recipes I gleaned over the coming weeks, as we work our way through winter here.

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Now, what's on the bill of fare today?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Grenoble Gourmet

Bonjour, et maintenant vous discover me en France.  Where I’m supposed to be able to speak the lingo.

Mais non.

This article covers the geography, history, and a little bit of sociology of the city of Grenoble before launching into a guide to several restaurants including tips from our man on the ground in town – Andrew.  I’ve made a map of my recommendations for eating and drinking which you can find here if you just want a handy reference while in town:

Now what can we expect to find in good old Grenoble Town?

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Carlton Draught Through the Years

Hi!  I haven't forgotten the Alps reviews (Grenoble coming next), but had these pics as a result of a brewery tour and thought you (especially you!!) might be interested in beer label evolution!:

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Torino (Turin) – City of the Bulls


Today’s entry lifts a few cheat notes from our trip to Torino; one of my favourite places we visited because of the prices, culture and our fantastic Air B’n’B apartment. I had an Italian guy later describe Torino to me as “properly old school Italian”, and it is cultured, into car design, a great food destination, and the first capital of Italy (before Rome).

But first, some notes about driving across Italy… (“holy mother of God!!!”)

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Borca di Cadore / Cortina

Why hello there!

OK, I'm lazy.

I was going to give you a recipe or something to go with this, but flicking through my diary thought you might benefit more from my notes about this treasure of the dolomites, including Eni Village, the famous skiing holiday resort that is Cortina (icy and pricey), as well as a short piece of "creative writing" by moi that may well transport you there.  I hope.


Borca di Cadore, Italy (in the World Heritage listed Dolamite Mountains just outside Cortina)

Good morning!  You find me propped up in a groovy sixties bed (with reclining vinyl headboard in yellow mounted on timber with little cupboards each side) in our little holiday chalet in the above locale.

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Innsbruck - the Brook of the River Inn

The following is a creative piece I wrote in Innsbruck... which doesn't do heaps for you as a foodie (but if you go there, I can highly recommend a restaurant called "the Piano" in the old town, with thanks to local guide Ben, from the Gold Coast); however it might give you a glimpse into this University city snuggled among the Austrian Alps.

Die Silberne Frau

I sat drinking a black coffee; an Americano, if you can believe it. Hot, not too strong, with crema floating on the top. I was having my coffee with a “nusschaker”, or some crap. When I’d pointed it out, the woman inside had warned:

“Oh, that’s nuts.”

“That’s OK, so am I."

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Munchin’ in München

Germans and giant beers, pretzels and lederhosen, roast pork knuckle (notes on which below) and surfing on currents on the Eisbach (part of the Isar River system) in the Englischer Garten. Could you get any more Bavarian? (the photo above is of the Bayern Munich supporters celebrating winning the Bundesliga in the Marienplatz, in the centre of the old town of Munich, incidentally, not a hem hem rally).

It’s part two of Kit’s Cucina’s tour guide to the Alps. Today we look at Munich, or München (the town near the monks). So let’s start with the most obvious thing. Beer!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Alps - A General Introduction

This article serves as a general introduction to Europe’s alps and provides some brief notes and comparisons of the alpen places we visited (see Jane's fantastic planning map above!).  It covers geography, a little history, languages, diet, economics and prices, climate, best times to travel, and cultural variations.

i.e. It may serve as a general primer if you’re considering a holiday there.

Let’s go…

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