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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Alps - A General Introduction

This article serves as a general introduction to Europe’s alps and provides some brief notes and comparisons of the alpen places we visited (see Jane's fantastic planning map above!).  It covers geography, a little history, languages, diet, economics and prices, climate, best times to travel, and cultural variations.

i.e. It may serve as a general primer if you’re considering a holiday there.

Let’s go…

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Monday, June 19, 2017

...well, I had to laugh.  With thanks to the New Porker... I mean Yorker.  Stay tuned for upcoming articles on our latest foodie extravaganza to the Alps in Bavaria, the Tirol, France and Switzerland.  From munching in München to shimmying in Chamonix, I'll have the low-down for you right here. (Coming soon! ~ I only just got back)
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Monday, May 8, 2017


11-13 Toorak Rd, South Yarra

I had the unusual pleasure on Sunday night of going out for dinner with not only the owner of a restaurant, but one of the most iconic restaurants in Melbourne: i.e. with Jean-Paul Prunetti at France-Soir. Established in 1986, here are just some of this establishment’s more recent accolades:

Legend Award - Jean Paul Prunetti and Geraud Fabre 
The Age Good Food Guide Awards 2017

Yellow Rose Award
Gault & Millau 2016

Financial Review Australia's Top 100 Restaurants 2016 
voted 53 / 100

But what is France-Soir really like, and what advice or tips did I get from Jean-Paul, whom even the awards have labeled a dead set “Legend”?

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

One of the Happiest Hours - Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel

166 Johnston St, Fitzroy VIC 3065.
Phone: +61 3 9416 5055

I went here for lunch the other day, and it was "not bad"...

... but not as great as their happy hour, which I discovered after some lamb and burgundy.

Farewelling my friends, and having a cleansing ale with the newspaper, I chatted to the bartender Damien (aka "Zizi", which I believe means something to do with a little penis), who recommended while in his alpen home in France (where I'll be in a few weeks) I visit "Le Cafe de la Place" in Menthon Saint Bernard (Annecy) - which does a $20 lunch with entree, main, dessert, coffee and wine.

The specials here, though not quite as good as what I'm hearing of en France, are still pretty good.  $15 for a half a dozen freshly shucked (if small - but just delish) oysters with a pot of tap beer... if you do it during happy hour, you might find yourself upgraded to a schooner - which in this instance I chose a dark ale.

Well, at those prices in Melbourne, who could say no?

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Monday, March 27, 2017

A Melbourne Pub Crawl

Philosophy, a Pub Crawl Map, 13 pubs reviewed, with a  further 15 suggestions...

If you are reading this in the US of A (or anywhere else for that matter – especially China where the only equivalent I could think of is a tea house), you might not be overly familiar with “pubs”, which is an abbreviation for “public houses”.  A short treatise.

As opposed to a “bar”, a wine bar, or a club, pubs hail from the English and Irish tradition; the little lounge on the corner, usually an old building with timber or tile lined walls, beer on taps, stained glass windows, and a quiet place to socialise and forget your troubles, a bit like a lounge room for the poor.  It’s a place that might have a dining room for a wedding, a nook for lovers, perhaps a ladies lounge apart from the men’s front bar where the girls weren’t supposed to come in (in the olden days).

In Australia, pubs are a big part of Victorian and South Australian cultures, and tend to be in old (in excess of a hundred years) buildings that have always been pubs.  Places built on the way to the gold fields, dotted in little country towns.  In NSW, it seems they’ve been replaced by Leagues Clubs, huge rambling barns with poker machines and tellys everywhere.  Queensland still has a few, but the old classics in Brisbane with big verandahs  seem to have been broken up into lots of little businesses in the old edifices or turned into monster nightclubs where you can score hard drugs.

Pubs are your “local”, a place to drink beer, and maybe see a band.  And they’re distinctly part of the core of southern Australian drinking culture; in short, if you ever come to Melbourne, get out of the CBD (the Central Business District) and into the inner suburbs like Richmond, Fitzroy, or Collingwood, and go to the fucking pub for fuck’s sake.  Or else you’ll have missed one of the key cultural experiences on offer.

Diatribe over (and sorry for swearing Mum!!).

Now for some background to the planning of this particular pub crawl (see map here); one which you might try yourself some day.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I haven't forgotten you!

Hello Voracious Readers!

Just a quick note to let you know I haven't forgotten you, despite no listings in February.  In fact, I've been flat chat making a new food based comedy television show and pitching it around to stations and distributors – so we're actually taking it to the next level!  We'll make a link available here once we go public with the whole thing, which is terribly hush hush!!

However... watch this space!  Next week I'll be posting a bumper "Northside Melbourne Pubs" spectacular, as I take a host of my friends on a bike based pub crawl from Princes Park (Carlton) to Victoria Park (Abbotsford).  To whet your appetite, here's the map!!

(who knows?  Perhaps I'll make another fillum...)

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Royal Standard Hotel

333 William St
West Melbourne  VIC  3003

Happy Australia Day (or Invasion Day – whichever you prefer)!

It’s a day off work, there’s cricket on the radio, the Australian Open is on the TV, there’s been a say no to racism rally a la cita, and Triple J’s Hottest 100 is on the airwaves.  Outside our studio, I can hear people drinking beer on the footpath in Fitzroy.

What could be more Australian than that?

(Alright then; “The 3 B’s: beers, BBQ and the beach”, as Robbie McEwan might say).

Well, here’s something.  Last night I went to a great pub, and thought I’d give it a burl on the blog, especially since I haven’t written to you this January.  This place was quintessentially Australian, as well as being very authentically Italian… in a second generation way, and fantastic value for money.

It’s not necessarily “fine dining”, with pizza, pasta and parmas on the menu, but they serve excellent food, the venue has a friendly atmosphere, and it’s a proper pub as well.  Only a short walk up the hill from the Vic Market, down the side street next to the church, this is a back street gem practically in the city.

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