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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Instant Soup Recommendation - Ajishima Freeze Dried Miso Soup

Happy Winter Solstice!!! (in Australia - 8pm tonight, the 21st June)... and congratulations if you're reading this in the Northern Hemisphere and welcome to your longest summer day (you lucky, lucky b2*$%rds!).

Wherever you are, one and all, welcome!

What better to warm the cockles of your particulars, in the cold of winter, than with a warm soup?  And dare I say it; an instant soup you made with the kettle?

"Quoi?  Quel horreur!! Are you seriously recommending we now eat from packets?  This is the thin end of the wedge..." I can hear you thinking.

Well, be prepared for a shock.  I rarely do this, and this is not a paid endorsement, but can I direct your feet to the Asian section of your average suburban supermarket?

For photos of the packet, click here:

I found myself at the supré the other day, looking for vegetarian packet soups for the office.  You know the sort, Maggi™ or whatever (actually "Continental™ Cuppa-Soups™"), and they were having a special; two packs of soup for three dollars.

I grabbed some, but my curiosity was piqued.  Perhaps I could pick up some miso paste in the next aisle for a more gourmet experience?

Imagine my surprise on finding these freeze dried packet soups from Japan – where they made a miso soup (one with mushrooms and seaweed, the other with tofu and seaweed) – and simply freeze dried it... selling at less price than an MSG, two minute Cuppa-Soup with chicken and corn and croutons that was all totally fake.

I'm talking real food, as opposed to super fake empty calories, for less! Unbelievable.  I rate it six and a half tentacles out of eight!!

Packet tip: "Add rice, more tasty!"