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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ricky and Pinky - a Preview

@ Builder's Arms Hotel
cnr Gertrude and Gore Sts

One of the advantages of working next door to a trendy eatery/pub is that you get to see what's happening before everyone else.
The Builder's Arms reopened it's front bar doors last night at 5pm, and I was afforded a preview of the new fit out for Ricky and Pinky, the Chinese restaurant mooted to be opening on Monday 29th August... though you can try your luck with the kitchen now with the bar menu on trial.  See the fitout pics here!

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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Cape Tavern

Corner Surf Beach Road and Market Place,
Cape Paterson


OK, I shouldn't do this.  Any time I want to do anything to promote the Cape, people say "shut up, do you want people coming here or something?"

And the answer, invariably, is "not really, no..."

But last Friday's dinner convinced me to write a review of the Cape Tavern anyway.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Gastronomic Utopia

Hello You! Have you heard about the 21st Symposium of Australian Gastronomy?

"Heard about the 21st one??? I  still haven't heard about the first one!" ~ I hear you think.

Well, I quite agree.  Me either!

It appears it's coming up in December, and at it numerous luminaries will flex their considerable foodie knowledge, go on a wine tour to central Victoria and then all tuck in to a banquet dinner  (find out more here) ~ all to the theme of Thomas More's "Utopia".

Thomas More was an Englishman who lost his head for not supporting Henry VIII's Church of England – which might not have been such a bad thing since he was later sainted by the Catholic church and avoided becoming Henry's "Lord Privy Chancellor"; where you had to wipe the enormously fat king's bum with a flannel.  Blech!!

His famous work Utopia was about an ideal society, and coming from England, I'm sure he probably would have liked some nicer food.  He would have been sick of chip butties, baps, and curries Indians had never heard of.

The gourmet contact who gave me the tip-off to let me know about this confluence of gourmets was a little late in letting me know for the submission of a paper (catastrophe!).  However, in the interests of transparency and petitioning the committee, I have submitted a proposal today and leave you with the option of rating whether or not YOU think I should present at the symposium.  Have your vote on the poll I present to the right of this post...

Read Kit's proposal here!

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