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Also, "a good day to you, sir/maam" for our American pals, "Ni Hao" to China, and "Здравствуй" to our Russian comrades, "etcetera etcetera and so forth"... (for Yul Brynner).

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Now, what's on the bill of fare today?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Age Good Food Guide Awards 2013

The Age Good Food Guide Awards 2013 have been announced (and how they know what's going to be good next year I'll never know)!

Here's a link to a summary. Bon appetite!

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Taco Toccata

Movida, Los Amates, Anáda, Sonido, Trippy Tacos, Senorita’s, Mamasita, The Newmarket Hotel, Taco Trucks and Taco Bill

Mexican? Music to my ears. South American? Grills ahoy! Whether its soft tortillas or tapas, Melbourne is flooded with frejoles and black beans these days (sounds messy).

The following article is an expansion on the stream of consciousness take of these occasional missives, and is the direct result of some emails I had from one of our regulars, Briony! To whit:

I am trying to decide whether I like Trippy Tacos. Now, given that you are officed right nearby, surely you have an opinion. It seems that one must be extremely fast in shovelling taco to mouth before the tortilla disintegrates into mush. This somewhat constitutes a fail in tacohood really. Plus a lot of the people who go there appear to be rather dim and certainly incapable of closing a door properly behind themselves in the freezing cold.

Quite right too. Listen, I have tried the Trippy Tacos a couple of times. Here's the m.o.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

La Dolce Italia – The New Lygon Street Festa?

La Dolce Italia
Royal Exhibition Buildings, 10-12 August 2012

I originally made a video blog of this, but due to the extremely tight nature of the collar under my bow tie – and the slight layer of blubber I’ve acquired over the winter months (everything must go… for summer!) – I’ve decided to spare you the jowels and instead offer you this take on a food, fashion and cultural event I recently attended.

La Dolce Italia has become the replacement event for the Lygon Street Festa. Try typing the latter in Google, you get one replaced for the other.

Where did the old one go? Probably “too much the insurance”, and a lack of commitment from local councils, much like the good old Brunswick St Festival (what I wouldn’t give to be able to enter a float, and go down Brunswick Street playing rock and roll on the back of a flat bed truck with all my nephews and nieces in costume doing formation dancing to advertise Blue Vapours...).

But how do the pair compare? (as they ask about superannuation funds).

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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Courthouse Hotel

86–90 Errol Street
North Melbourne
VIC 3051
(03) 9329 5394

Hello hello hello!  I'd like you to accompany me down to the station... and then the court house... and then eventually I guess you'll end up in chokey.

Or in this case, let's go for a heart starter at the Station, dine at the Courthouse and eat so much you nearly will choke(y).

It's been a while between drinks, and for this I am truly sorry. Watching the Olympics™, working on a deck build and generally doing stuff at work has put a dent in my productivity.... in the slacking off-sphere of blogging about cramming one's cake hole full of tuck at the very least.

However – the voice of the people has been unanimous: "Move away from the door, and read the restraining order more carefully this time."  This is sometimes followed by: "If you wish to communicate with me, send a blog."

So here I am... in blog format!  Take that legal eagles!  Now, read on!

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