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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

KFC – Kit’s Fried Chicken

The Original KFC Recipe

 Thankyou Google search engines.

Okay, so this is another variant recipe from one I found on the net, and a meal I just remembered after cooking onion rings recently.

I originally got a Southern Fried Chicken recipe off SBS’s Food Safari, the US series, about four years ago… and their recipe is not bad.  But it requires you to fry the chicken for so long in the oil that the outside is like a burnt brick in order to get the meat cooked all the way to the bone (perhaps they use smaller chickens / chicken pieces, and have the lard not too hot).  But nobody wants you eating raw chicken.

The super trick to this recipe is cutting up the chicken the day before and letting it soak in buttermilk, which keeps the chicken deliciously moist and tender.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Perfect Onion Rings

OK, OK! I know fried food is bad for you.  Especially me, with my alleged cholesterol problem and all.  But there’s a maxim I heard somewhere:
“Eat as much junk food as you like, so long as you make it yourself”

...the idea being that whatever you do, you can never make food as bad for you as the processed food industry would (who notoriously throw in things like corn syrup, emulsifiers, cancer causing flavourings and the like).

I saw an article in the newspaper recently for onion rings, where someone used beer batter, chilled in a fridge to make it like tempura, and was inspired since I had a stack of red onions kicking around with nothing to do.

Not being able to find the fabled recipe from the paper, I scanned the net and found this recipe (presented here with my own variations) which is MUCH SIMPLER. While making these I was taken back to other American classics I’d made like Kit’s Fried Chicken (What?  No recipe for that in this blog?  I’ll remedy that soon).

This recipe may not be for people watching their weight, but were so delicious and simple (and as American as rock 'n' roll), I just had to let you know.

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