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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Home made dog food

OK, fine, I can hear you saying:

"Where's the glamour gone?  Dog *?!@# food?  Kit's Cucina, that paragon of particularity, is now writing recipes for bally dog food (or "füd" if you'd prefer)?  I thought this was supposed to be a gourmet's paradise???"

Relax.  It is still gourmet.  I've been scratching my head on what to write about next, and on making up Liam the whippet's dinner this weekend, decided you might benefit from a recipe that feeds your dog for under a dollar a day, is good for them, makes them smell less doggy – making them more bearable to hang out with in close confines – as well as making (hem hem) "cleaning up after them" more bearable.

Now, read on for this canine culinary miracle...

... full text