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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Winter? Get happy!

Often known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) many people experience the "down in the dumps" complex in winter. Fortuitously Kit's Cucina has come up with a guaranteed way to lose those winter blues! Alright then! How? How?? You've made me click this friggin' link - now give me answers!

Well the first thing I'll say is calm down. It's OK. Why would I make a ridiculous claim like this unless I knew it to be true?

This won't be cheap,but follow these simple and guaranteed steps:
* Buy a plane ticket.
* Go to the airport with your hanky, scarf, sinex, hat, cardigan, coat, singlet, boots and thermal underwear.
* Climb on the plane and order a gin and tonic.
* Relax.
* Hop off plane.
* Walk down gang way and look at tropical flowers. See the sun?
* Start peeling off the layers because of the oppressive heat. Start laughing hysterically.
* Jump in a taxi - race to a resort, get your dackside poolside and watch people cavort in bikinis and budgy smugglers and try not to blind anyone from the reflection off your ridiculously pallid skin.

Now we can't always do this - money, work, kids, and more getting in the way - but believe me it works. And it may indeed be a deal cheaper than seeing a therapist, buying a special UV light and / or visiting a brothel and ordering up big on anything that's been through a spray tan booth a couple of times.

I couldn't afford the tropical getaway myself, but did find myself in Sydney for work. And what do you do when in Sydney? That's right: continually impersonate Samaranch announcing the Olympic winning bid! That and do what the Sydneysiders do. Sit in a tshirt in mid winter beside the water and enjoy the hospitality. I did just that and attach, for your amusement and edification, a short review of Nick's Seafood on Darling Harbour - a local institution. Bon appetit!

Nick's Seafood Sydney video review here!