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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pipped Olives Can Get Stuffed

Is it just me? OK, I get that pipped olives are notionally easier to eat, because you don't have to spit out the pips.

But THEN you find a secret pip you weren't expecting and smash a tooth (or your dentures - we're not "teethist" here) on the stone they were supposed to have removed from your path.

I advocate the regular intake of olives; not only do they lubricate your joints, and make you feel Mediterranean, they also have amazing anti-oxidant properties: as pointed out (well, hypothesized) by my favourite beard, sandals-socks-and-shorts-in-all-weather scientist Gordon Troup (inventor of the barcode laser-scan supermarket technologies).

And what he doesn't know about olive (barcodes), isn't worth knowing.

So, to summarise, I hereby declare stoned olives inferior. Unless, of course, by stoned you mean they have been treated with the holy weed.

Enough! Pipped olives can officially get stuffed.

Your friend
p.s. my tooth is still hurting!