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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Caviar and vodka anyone?

I was having a bachelor’s night the other night, cooking for one while my wife was out, and think I hit upon the almost perfect bachelor’s entrée while cooking, if you like a tope and a touch of class without much work.

WARNING: Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for your health.  This is a medical authority warning.

While cooking dinner – a Stephanie Alexander silverbeet frittata with a green salad (five tentacles out of eight, and a great way to work your way through all that silverbeet you grew) – I thought I’d make pre-dinner drinks with a snack.

But I was already cooking.  What to have?

First stop, ice cold vodka straight from the freezer in a shot glass for sipping, accompanied by a soda water chaser for sipping (a drink combo I picked up while visiting the High Tatras: dakujem velmi pekna, Slovakia!).

I had a jar of cheap black caviar from the supermarket (retail around five dollars), and recalled a great snack: cold sliced cucumber, with crème fraiche and a daub of caviar, which you can serve as a swish canapé in Chinese spoons when hosting a martini function.

I didn’t have the crème fraiche so used natural Greek yoghurt instead, and didn’t worry about the spoon but just racked them up on the chopping board.

Fantastic!  Quick.  Glamourous.  Alcoholism meets narcism.  The perfect appetiser, and rated seven tentacles out of eight for those of you at home.