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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ange Cookson's top tips on the web!


My sister Ange (pictured) has long been an inspiration to me foodwise (not necessarily fashionwise... oh, OK, it was cold) and has recently sent me a couple of emails for links on the web.  Mayhap they might be of use to you?

Today's one:
SUBJECT: of interest to FOODIES

Hey my foodlovin' friends, this may be of interest to you…

I recently saw this ace website called "Cooked" which features the content of heaps of current cookbooks, everything from cakes to Paleo - of course you have to subscribe per month (yeah piss off I said) but you do get a free 30 day trial (no credit card required) which I AM LOVING!!


Thought you'd like to join in this awesomeness

chat soon

Ange :))

Oh yes, and meanwhile, when she found out I was growing kale down at the beach, and had never used it she sent me this!:

SUBJECT: All Hale Kale! - all the recipes you'll need.

So there you have it - Ange's top tips on the web and the chow down scenario.  Ange Cookson, the girl who liked cooking so much, she got married and changed her surname to suit!

Bon appétit!


Ange said...

Whatya mean? I could show you a thing or two about fashion Kit!!