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Monday, January 18, 2016

Adieu to the Elms Family Hotel

Corner Little Lonsdale and Spring Sts

A piece of Melbourne culture disappeared almost silently yesterday, slipping into the ocean of history with a soft blub that was almost (almost) drowned by the sounds of cruffin shops opening.

See the photos here...

It was a night filled with nostalgia as a few old friends said a fond farewell to the Elms Family Hotel, the "country pub that came to the city".

It wasn't much, just a hundred and sixty five year old pub that had been run by families I've known, a place for cold Carlton Draughts, cheap Crownies and some greasy food from the kitchen.

But she was loved.  The Elms building has been sold and they're putting up a seventeen storey office building where she once stood.

Let's not say goodbye.  Let's just say adieu.  I thought I'd pop up some photos for you to remember her by  (sniff!).