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Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Best Sandwiches in the World

The Alpen Pantry
23 Arcadia Rd
Old Greenwich, CT 06870, USA

Alright, fine.  I know what you're thinking:

'What an ambit claim, how can you possibly demonstrate that something is the best?  It varies from week to week, even the greatest sandwich maker has an off day."

Well, I am prone to hyperbole, but as the man at the Alpen Pantry (Old Greenwich, Connecticut) said as he leaned on the counter and someone fixed my sandwich up "Well, we've been here for over seventy five years, so we must be doing something right".

Yes, I'd agree.  There's a preponderance of black breads, and their website is essentially the sandwich list supplied below, but for those who are thinking of opening a sandwich bar of their own, you could do far worse than emulate this little gem that my brother pointed out to me while I was visiting the US recently.

Click the "full text..." tab below for the complete list of sandwich fare.  OK, so there's only one vegetarian option.  But a crab/langostino sandwich?  Come on!!  Truly excellent:

Gourmet Sandwiches

1StiltonHam, swiss, turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, and our tasty blue cheese dressing served on Russian black bread.
2Beef EaterRoast beef 1/4 lb., lettuce, tomato and our unique Russian dressing on black bread or a hard roll.
3ItalianGenoa salami, provolone cheese, Italian dressing, lettuce, tomato, and spices served on Italian bread.
4RussianCorned beef, red cabbage, and mustard-horseradish sauce served on black bread.
5GobblerTurkey breast 1/4 lb, lettuce, tomato and our unique Russian dressing on black bread or a hard roll.
6WestphalianWestphalian ham (smoked) with cream cheese or butter served on black bread.
7Alphen JoyHard salami, prosciutto ham, imported swiss cheese with cream cheese or butter served on black bread.
8LebaneseLebanon bologna 1/4 lb. (smoked) with special relish on black bread with lettuce and tomato.
9RondeleTurkey Turkey breast 1/4 lb. with garlic and herb cheese served on black bread with lettuce.
10Cheddar SpreaderGerman ham 1/4 lb. with a distinctive mixture of blue cheese and cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato, on black bread.
11BomberRoast beef 1/4 lb., lettuce, tomato and our tasty blue cheese dressing served on Russian black bread.
12CourierTurkey breast 1/4 lb. lettuce and tomato with a delightfully tangy curry dressing on Russian black bread.
13FrancaiseFrench pate de Camapagne 3 1/2 oz (authentic country style) accompanied by imported cornishones (small pickles) with a touch of Dijon mustard served on black bread.
14ForesterBlack Forest ham 1/4 lb., spicy French onion cheese spread, lettuce, on black bread.
15BlarneyCorned beef 1/4 lb., a very hot horseradish cheese spread, lettuce, served on black bread.
16DillerPrager ham (cooked and smoked), Krackauer (ham and bologna with a touch of garlic), swiss cheese.
17VeggieBlue cheese, lettuce, tomato, and swiss cheese.
18BearnaiseRoast beef 1/4 lb. prefectly enhanced by a delicious Bearnaise dressing and lettuce, served on black bread.
19SeafoodCrab/logostino salad sandwich.


Rye, Roll, French, Black, Wheat, Wrap