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Saturday, September 7, 2019

The simple things...

Hello You!

Well, I just had lunch (and sorry for neglecting you BTW... I’m working on a new novel which is eating all my time), but I just had a Florentine style lunch and thought I’d share it with you.

So when I was first in Italy, I was introduced to concept of Florentine v Bolognese style. Apparently the difference is, in Florence, when they cook, they do the simple things well. A steak, but the best steak. A vegetable, but the best vegetable, served simply. With the best oil and the best salt. No meal has more than five or six ingredients, but they are simply done using the best to hand.

Bologna? Many ingredients but complicated- so a sauce made with 33 ingredients and a two day cooking time.

Both delicious- no value statements . One makes the best of the best, the other dresses ingredients up.

Today’s lunch? An organic steak dried in the fridge, with garlic butter. Broccoli I from the garden, asparagus AND the best sidedish I’ve had in a while; fried mushrooms with (thick grated, partially boiled in a conical drainer for thirty seconds then fried in butter with shrooms) zucchini, butter and parsley. 10 stars!!

Talk soon!!!