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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


130 Acland Street
St Kilda, Victoria 3182
T: 03 9525 3333
F: 03 9525 3397
E: cicciolina@netspace.net.au

So I'm on a diet.

Last night for frickasee's sake I had - actually it felt pretty lush - fresh salmon seared on a pan to make the salt and peppered skin crispy but leaving it rare inside (gave half the skin to the dog because I'm getting skinny), a green salad (using mixed leaves, cucumber, dill, feta and seasame seed - lemon olive oil dressing), a half grilled mango and a single boiled potato - with some more olive oil and salt (come on!). Two thumbs up and slim-er-ific (if you make up for it with a run and some more physical work outs!!  Come on!!).

But you get to the end of a week of vegetarian plates from Friends of the Earth, eating fruit for breakfast and generally making the Buddha proud (except for that poor Sandy situation - with apologies to Shiro Kishibe), and you finally get to a point where you think:

"Stuff this. I can't take it anymore. I want some meat. I want wine! I want a dessert with an aperitif and a good coffee. Basically, I want my old life back. Bring me a cigar and a vodka!"

Enter Cicciolina in St Kilda.

You may remember Cicciolina as the rather busty member of Italian parliament from the mid-nineties, the former porn star turned politician famed for her fresco-esque erotic tableaux? No? The one who flashed a tit to get your vote, including on the way into the Parlamento Italiano...??? 

Me too.

Obviously the proprietors of this establishment do too.

Get the steak.

How about her pop song?

Me neither.... (get the steak...)

As you might imagine, the menu is Italian. Antipasto and pasta feature, but there's the classy things too like souffles, or a tuna carpaccio, fish crusted in herbs and nuts, and specials that they've snapped up down at the market. Seasonal, fresh, everything that's good in food, a fatso's delight in the dessert department.

Look, are you going to get the steak?  Fine I will.  Scotch Fillet please.

It won't be cheap or tawdry, but it will cost you (unlike the original politician). You need to order side dishes. A $5 scoop of vanilla ice cream (home made and delicious) was a bit much, and the brownie tiny... but if you order a proper dessert WATCH OUT; they're whoppers.

But you've been so good lately, and you don't get out much, go on. I dare you.

A delicious wine menu, OK list of digestives, half way down Acland St, you'll need to book since this is a staple of those South of the River.

I give it six and three quarter tentacles out of eight.