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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Station Hotel - Footscray

59 Napier St
Footscray VIC 3011
ph: 9687 2913

This is officially a record. The same restaurant getting a review in my blog... TWICE!

"Qu'est que ce que ca?" I hear you think.  "But surely, Christoforo, you can't step into the same river twice, not in Melbourne anyway."

I'm delighted to say no, since time rolls on and things change, but also because I was sent an email from another of the illustrious mentor's in my life, Peter Downie; bon vivant, raconteur, chanteur, engineer, family man and general larger than life gentleman of the highest order.  He felt compelled to contact me about the Station Hotel and just how fantastic it is, and I, in turn, felt compelled to share it with you.

Over to you Peter:

I went with Samantha, Budge and Mary to the Station Hotel in Foot - tis - cray Sunday night for Sam's Birthday ( 1 year older than Adam). This is a well known venue for carnivores. Mary is a vegetarian.

Mary is fed up with Risotto as the nominal meal for Veggys, and was pleased to see Leek Pie on the menu. It was tasty, and a pleasant change. Samantha had scallops - very nice ( I had one).

Budge and I started with a charcuterie to share, which contained many different cold cuts and spiced minces. The variety was extensive and the range of flavours, exquisite. Whilst the portions were appropriate for 2 to share, the number of items made it almost a meal in itself.

This was followed by a Wet Roasted Lamb shoulder- moist and falling off the bone. The meat came from Castricum Bros in Gippsland and was treated with Harissa and served with Tabouleh salad (with pistacio and green pea), heirloom carrots that when cooked were somewhat reminiscent of a sweet parsnip and tahini yoghurt sauce.

I drank a robust Shiraz from Heathcote, Red Claw 2012, that surprisingly for such a young wine, grew into a eminently suitable accompaniment for such a robust meal after a little breathing, such that the second and subsequent glasses were very nice.

We were served by Daniel. a fine young waiter from Echuca, who entertained us with a whimsical grin and laconic conversation whilst meeting our every need promptly and efficiently.

I do not have your gift with foody words, nor the encyclopaedic knowledge of Stefanie Alexander, and my memory is unrelaible, but "I nose wot I likes". I fink you should try it out and write it up.

Kit replies:

In spite of his humility, I think you'll agree his prose is excellent.  And I WILL reacquaint myself with the Station again. I've got a friend who works, and a few who live, around the corner.  And it's nice to see the standards are being maintained: see my old review here! (all the way back in February 2009!!)